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With WDT you will tap into the fastest, most accurate weather information available, including patented weather alerting processes and specialized algorithms created by our staff of over 75 meteorologists and developers. Big data analytics is our business!

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Upcoming Events

Sept '17


Matt Gaffner Hilton Chicago, IL

Empower Your GIS Join us for the 2017 Esri GeoConX Conference at the Hilton Chicago! Esri GeoConX is the industry-leading event where professionals from Esri's Electric and Gas User Group (EGUG) and Telecommunications User Group (TelUG) converge to network, collaborate, and learn as a larger, unified community.

Sept '17

Energy Marketings Facing Critical Summer Webinar

Steve Strum - Wednesday, @12:00pm ET

Fundamental market transformations to emerge in 2H2017. In this webinar, noted energy market expert Andy Weissman explains why major changes in natural gas, electricity and crude oil markets are likely later this year and in 2018, and what this means for energy producers, end users, traders and energy sector investors.

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Sept '17

Emerging Technology Conference

Renny Vandewege

Hosted ​by ​the ​Touchstone ​Energy ​Cooperatives, ​the ​Emerging ​Technology ​Conference ​(ETC) ​ ​provides ​electric ​cooperatives ​and ​their ​valued ​customers ​an ​opportunity ​to ​listen, ​learn, ​question, ​and ​discuss ​the ​emerging ​technologies ​that ​are ​transforming ​the ​way ​we ​conduct ​business ​and ​work ​together ​industry ​to ​industry ​in ​the ​ever ​changing ​market.

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Sept '17

Weather & Price Tealeaves IV

Steve Strum - Monday , @2:00pm ET Heritage Plaza - 1111 Bagby Street, #4500 Houston, TX

Winter Weather Tealeaves Panel: The Latest Winter Forecasts From Top Firms.


wdt is big data

WDT utilizes big data solutions to develop and provide weather analytics such as hazardous weather detection and prediction, high resolution forecasts, decision analytics, historical weather, content for mobile apps as well as interactive mapping. All of these are available through easily implemented APIs and other common delivery methods and all are free to use for demo or proof of concept.

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