Radar and Satellite Data in iMapPro

iMapPro offers three satellite views in the General menu; visible, infrared. In addition, a national radar composite is available. We will explain these images in this blog.

Visible satellite imagery is dependent upon reflected solar radiation. Because of this, visible satellite imagery is only available during the daytime hours. This is a sample of what visible satellite imagery looks like.

Infrared imagery relies on energy emitted from the surface of the earth and cloud tops. This energy is emitted at a wavelength of 10.7 microns. When using this imagery, higher clouds appear to be a brighter white whereas lower clouds display as a darker white. Enhanced infrared use colors to identify colder (higher) clouds.

Infrared satellite imagery                                                    Enhanced Infrared Satellite

iMapPro also has a national radar composite. This allows all of the radar echoes across the United States to be displayed on one map. Shades of red, green, and yellow indicate rain; shades of blue indicate snow and shades of pink indicate a mixture of frozen and liquid precipitation. For finer detail, the Local Super Resolution option in the General menu can be selected. This is a sample of the National Radar Composite.