Technical Support Analyst

Weather Decision Technologies is seeking to hire talented information technology professionals for employment with the Operations group located in Norman, Oklahoma. This service oriented group is responsible for handling customer support and service needs, as well as performing process based maintenance on technical infrastructure – and reports to the Vice President of Operations.

Our 24/7 technical support staff are key focal points for assisting with and troubleshooting various customer software products both from our consumer and professional business services line. When not engaged handling customer related inquiries, staff also assist with internal quality assurance needs and control processes involving complex meteorological products, and are also called upon to work with computing systems administrators and engineering staff to diagnose system faults and help resolve product performance problems.

This position requires solid knowledge of desktop computing based technologies used on Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX operating systems, as well the ability to configure and troubleshoot mobile device applications on IOS and Android. Additionally, a full understanding of basic computer networking concepts, cloud computing and web technologies – are all recommended for a candidate to be successful in this role. Staff are required to work rotating shifts based on predetermined schedules.

Excellent oral and written communication skills are required, as well as the ability to organize and document complex technical problems between customers and internal resources. Candidates much be proficient at maintaining a professional mannerism while working in high stress situations.

All candidates are required to complete a technical skills readiness evaluation to validate eligibility for this position.

Skill SetImportance
Ability to generate analysis of technical information relayed from clients and internal teams using word processing programs, diagramming tools and other mediumsRequirement
Ability to monitor and troubleshoot complex technical computing systems using GUI and command line tools on Linux / Unix and Windows based systemsRequirement
Clear verbal and written English language skills for effectively assimilating and conveying technical concepts to customers and internal teamsRequirement
Basic understanding of meteorological and atmospheric related phenomena and scientific concepts, or related scholastic courseworkEssential
Previous employment working in customer service, quality assurance or technical support rolesIdeal
Previous employment working with Linux / Unix and Windows based computing systems, networking and storageIdeal
Previous employment working with Amazon Web Services products and services such as EC2, RDS and S3Ideal

Benefits and Compensation

  • Hourly Salary
  • Flex scheduling with other shift memebers

Career Growth Plan

Effective employees in this position can expect growth into fulltime technical operations or engineering roles, with commensurate adjustments in salary and increasing levels of responsibility based on annual performance reviews comprising of continuous above average to exceptional ratings from the employee’s supervisor. Average elevation time for this position is 1-3 years.

Contact Information

Direct report supervisor for this position is:

Andrew J Oldaker
Vice President of Operations – Weather Decision Technologies
201 David L Boren Drive, Suite 223
Norman, Oklahoma 73072
Office: (405) 579-7675 x234