Customer Success Administrative Assistant

Team Culture: 

  • We Make It Happen – We manage 100% of our commitments so we get the right results, and never despair when we run into obstacles.
  • We Do What’s Right – We balance the needs of the client with the needs of the company so that real solutions are found and implemented and not just band aided.
  • We Check Our Egos – We love to learn from everyone. The magic happens when personal agendas are put aside, and the team has one vision and shares both glory and defeat.
  • We Have Fun and Support Each Other – If you don’t have fun every day, you’re doing it wrong. We laugh a lot, always give the benefit of the doubt, and never bus chuck each other.

Key Responsibilities Include: 

  • Assist Customer Success Managers with the onboarding process by confirming information and ensuring everything is set up 100% correctly in our system.
  • Audit event set-ups and change requests completed by support department for 100% accuracy.
  • Manage all transit forecast setups inside our platform.

Who You Are: 

  • A smart and exceptional professional who has a many strong competencies and skills, but needs experience to further develop and back them up.
  • Your work ethic is strong, and your kung fu is stronger. You know when to work hard, and when to work smart.
  • Enjoy working in a team and all that entails – including peer-to-peer feedback, open communication, and celebrating your many victories with your teammates.
  • Strong in heart, generous in spirit, daring and unafraid.

Bonus Points: 

  • Knowledge and experience about what it takes to increase client loyalty.
  • You can’t decide if you would rather own a majestic unicorn or a ferocious T-rex.
  • Experience with ZenDesk or similar ticketing systems.
  • Comfortable working with technology and can improve upon our plan of how to survive when the robots revolt.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $10.00 to $11.00 /hour

To apply, send resume to