Aviation Focused Weather Content

WDT provides Aviation Content Services which leverage its suite of advanced technologies to provide customized, aviation-focused, analysis, nowcast, and forecast data to aviation service companies, airlines, and pilots. Services include:

  • Quality-controlled national radar mosaics
  • Nowcasts and future radar out to 6 hours from WDT’s proprietary implementation of the MAPLE radar forecasting system
  • Global satellite imagery, which allows long range flight planning
  • Data feeds of WDT’s proprietary Lightning Decision Support System (LDSS)
  • Gridded forecasts of standard aviation parameters (flight level winds and temperature, cloud ceiling, visibility, freezing level, etc.)
  • Aviation impact variables (turbulence, icing, low-level wind shear, lightning potential) derived from numerical weather prediction (NWP) grids and delivered directly to customer flight planning systems in standard formats
  • WDT provides regional coverage for North America and Europe from its operational WRF modeling system out to 84 hours every 6 hours, as well a North American domain that produces a 12-hour forecast every hour
  • WDT provides global coverage by applying specially-tuned versions of our aviation algorithms to the NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) model
  • WDT Radar in Foreflight

  • WDT Warning in Foreflight

    WDT Foreflight Storms