First Class Forecasts


WDT’s operational processing systems are located in a state-of-the-art, hardened, secure facility with redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity.  With multiple Internet paths, fully redundant NOAAPort receivers, and a direct feed of full-volume raw radar data from all US and Canadian radar sites, our data ingest is designed for maximum reliability.  This has allowed WDT to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP) for weather information.


Mesoscale Gridded (Model) Forecasts

Produced by WDT’s operational NWP system that incorporates advanced data assimilation combined with the state-of-the-science Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model.  WDT currently runs over 300 operational WRF simulations each day and can customize grids as needed.  Additionally, WDT creates a suite of derived products such as aviation impact parameters from our custom NWP forecasts as well as from government NWP model.

Worldwide Point Forecasts

Combining a variety of NWP and digital data sources using WDT-developed algorithms, we provide forecasts for over 120,000 locations around the world, covering virtually every populated location and even the points in between!

The Best in Nowcasting

Partnering with various research organizations, WDT integrates the latest state-of-the-science severe weather detection and prediction applications.

WDT’s ingests radar, satellite, numerical model, lighting, and surface data sets and processes these data through advanced algorithms. The algorithms produce Nowcasts (0-3 hour forecasts) of storm movement and severity including the possibilities of hail, damaging winds, mesocyclones, tornadic activity, and lightning.

Algorithm outputs can be checked against GIS based asset databases and automated warnings can be issued for affected areas. Data and products can be viewed through customized web pages or 3D workstation.

Lightning Prediction

Lightning Prediction Algorithm (LPA) is an exclusive WDT capability. It determines where high lightning threats will be in the next 60 minutes. LPA looks at real time lightning strikes, lightning strike density areas, and storm cell movements to create an accurate moderate and high threat forecast area.

Fully Customizable

Depending on your specific needs, we have a variety of protocols and data formats that we support and we can create custom versions as necessary.  Our GeoPlex™ image tile service allows external applications to access image products such as WDT’s quality-controlled radar products and satellite imagery, providing the fastest and most scalable image tile service on the market that can be readily integrated into your mobile or online weather application.

Our suite of standard product feeds allow customers to retrieve current conditions, forecast, and critical weather advisories in XML using a flexible, HTTP-based API.  Our engineers have worked with virtually every meteorological data format in use and can readily assist in determining the most appropriate format for your needs.

Formats Available

Methods:  HTTP (GeoPlex™ image tile server, XML feeds), LDM
Formats:  XML, CSV, NetCDF, GRIB, ASCII, KML, ESRI, Images

Sales Contact

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