Hydromet Decision Support System

WDT’s Hydromet Decision Support System (HDSS) is a state-of-the-science suite of hydro-meteorological algorithms, tools and displays designed to aid users in real-time decision-making. HDSS includes a customized, intuitive web-based display that integrates your existing hydro-information with WDT’s unique hydro-meteorological information.

Realtime QPE

WDT’s Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE) are achieved by combining radar and rain gauge data using technologies licensed from research organizations and WDT’s proprietary state-of-the-science applications. Rainfall amounts are derived from a mosaic of high-resolution data from local radars using a hybrid scan technique and sophisticated radar quality control that mitigates terrain blockages and removes non-precipitation radar echo. Rainfall data are provided in real-time on a high resolution grid, accumulated over multiple time intervals, updated every 5 minutes.

Forecast QPE

Nowcasting techniques are used to create QPF accumulations up to 4 hours in advance. Our QPF applications licensed from McGill University, provide increased lead times for flood alerting and decision-making. Future radar products are also available for advanced warning of approaching storms. WDT can also provide longer-term QPF accumulations from our custom implementation of the Weather
Research and Forecast (WRF) model.
WDT’s Flash Flood Prediction Algorithm (FFPA) utilizes HDSS-generated QPE and QPF information to automatically alert users which basins may flood in the near future. This information can be used to generate flood warnings, either automatically or with input from meteorologists.

Exclusive Hi-res Products

  • Uses Radar Data at native resolution to create high resolution mosaics
  • Radar Quality Control
  • Future Radar – out to 4 hours
  • WRF Output – available 3 hours out to 72 hours
  • Rain Gauge Ingest/Display
  • Rain Gauge Adjusted Radar Rainfall (QPE)
  • Future Rainfall: 1-4 hour (QPF)
  • Basin-Averaged / Gridded Data
  • Hydro Model Ready
  • Flash Flood Prediction and Alerts
  • GIS Format
  • Web-based Display
  • Mobile Applications

Dynamic Display

WDT’s web-based display allows users to view current and forecast hydrological and meteorological data in a dynamic environment. The customized display is fully interactive, giving users the ability to zoom, pan, interrogate data, view multiple products, and add customized overlays.

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