High-Precision Rainfall Estimates and Predictions

WDT provides highly accurate, high-precision rainfall estimates and predictions to our clients. We offer a broad spectrum of both experience and expertise in working with radar data for nationwide applications and site specific localities, WDT has installed customized systems for many clients and partners throughout the United States and internationally.

There is no project too big or too small!

Quantitative Precipitation Estimate (QPE) Products

WDT precip products include:

  • Nationwide Rain Water Equivalent
  • Nationwide Snow Depth
  • Nationwide Total Water Equivalent
  • All precipitation products are based on Level II radar data
  • All precipitation products are at 1 km resolution
  • All precipitation products use quality controlled mosaics and rain gauge information
  • Precipitation ccumulation time periods
    • 1hr -5 minute update
    • 3hr -1 hr update
    • 6hr -1 hr update
    • 12hr-1 hr update
    • 24hr -1hr update
    • 36hr -6 hr update
    • 48hr -6 hr update
    • 72hr-6 hr update

Sales Contact

We are interested in speaking with you about your project. For more information about precipitation product, integration, and application, please contact:

Beth Clarke
Senior Vice President, Coordination
(405) 579.7675  ext. 235 (office)