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Serving as principal provider for weather data essential to shipping, stationary vessels and ports worldwide

Industries most impacted day to day by weather are logistical in nature. Furthermore, exposure to the world’s oceans creates the need for quality global data in a format that overcomes barriers such as language and weather knowledge. We’ve designed WeatherOps to support trans-ocean shipping, stationary offshore operations, ports and marinas.

From real-time assessment of operational threats to detailed forecasts and reports well ahead of a disturbance, our mission is to deliver weather information before you know you need it.

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Tropical Decision Support

Get the best information first! WeatherOps advises your operations staff of a tropical weather threat in a given region within 5-7 days of anticipated impact.

Special products are issued regarding track, intensity, and storm effects for active tropical cyclones (Tropical Depressions, Tropical Storms, or Hurricanes/Typhoons) in any active basin that has been identified as a threat to your company assets.

  • Early Warning Notification
  • Active Storm Advisories
  • T-Time Reports
  • Port of Call Risk & Response Reports
  • Transit Forecasts
Tropical Report

24/7 Meteorologist Access

Your asset requires a highly reliable real-time solution to monitor, forecast, and warn of impending adverse weather at your location or remote asset locations.

Our expert team of meteorologists directly support thousands of locations. We monitor and disseminate weather information based uniquely upon your specific need. Forecasts and alerts are provided through our interactive map display, via email, as well as push notifications through our WeatherOps companion mobile app. Our meteorologists have access to the most comprehensive weather data available coupled with the highest resolution weather models in the industry.

Weather Analytics for any Platform

Tap into the same great data used in WeatherOps - a substantial catalog of weather analytics and information for integration, we like to call SkyWise. Through a combination of cloud-based APIs, SDKs, ESRI Web Services, and gridded and point data sets, you can incorporate past, present, and future weather data and analytics into any platform.

Meet the Expert

Mike Arellano

Mike Arellano

Mike is a meteorologist serving in the capacity of a business development role for global exploration & production-based clientele - with over 25 years experience in the offshore/marine energy industry (15 years as an operational forecaster); specializing in the marketing, sales and implementation of meteorological support services; effective interfacing with key personnel and ensuring client satisfaction and retention.

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WeatherOps Suite is full of features

Lightning Archive

Extensive database of lightning strike information delivered in detailed reports within seconds.

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Long Range

Matching our unprecedented long range forecasting accuracy to those who move the market.

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Companion App

Powerful situational awareness is always within reach with the WeatherOps mobile application.

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Daily Planner

Managing multiple locations and monitoring dates is a breeze with our powerful scheduling tool.

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Event Scheduler

Managing multiple locations and monitoring dates is a breeze with our powerful scheduling tool.

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Hazards Outlook

Straight from the forecast desk, our meteorologists provide actionable weather threats by region.

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Patented Alerting

Critical communication of weather information is sent via intelligent, reliable, lightning fast alerts.

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Interactive Map Display

Stunning real-time weather display fit for command center use - but feel free to take it anywhere.

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Assign a forecaster to any location of interest to achieve the highest level of forecast confidence.

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Tropical Support

Exclusive suite of marine weather reports that detail specific tropical threats in basins worldwide.

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Weather Check

A granular look at weather threats out to 48 hours with our easy to use color-coded threat table.

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Commander Dashboard

Access live weather, selected reports, paid options, as well as manage users in this unique console.

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