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Weather risk mitigation begins with you and it starts today as low as $195


Standard MetWatch features 24/7 access to a meteorologist on our forecast desk. Go Premium and not only have access to a meteorologist, but we’ll proactively monitor your interests and remain in contact with you as a situation evolves.


If your interests are coastal or offshore, we have you covered with exclusive planners and advisories. Need to know exactly when your offshore asset will intersect with weather along with specific threats? We do that.


Access precision long range seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts in an easy-to-understand format created for the purpose of commodity trading. Better forecasts through better science.

+Lightning Archive

Prove or disprove the presence of lightning at any location by accessing our ridiculously large database of strike information. Accessing strike data has never been easier!

+Mobile Access

WeatherOps is mobile browser compatible - but our app is awfully handy. Access weather information in relation to your interests on Android and iOS smart devices.


Receive basic information in text format to supplement visual weather products, SMS remains one of the most reliable ways to receive actionable information.