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Archive Lightning

Run a lightning report at any time. Prove or disprove the presence of strikes at any location by accessing our ridiculously extensive database of strike information. We make the process easy by streamlining the query process. We then create and send you a professional report, including map visuals, which contains strike information for a specific date or span of dates. Insurance claims, proof of property damage, legal proceedings, as well as, environmental research find these reports valuable.

Archive Lightning

Companion App

WeatherOps companion mobile app provides a powerful situational awareness view that can be accessed from any location, ensuring that whether you're utilizing Commander or the mobile app, you have the same weather decision support information at all times. Put the app in the hands of your users to optimize your action plan.

Your Business, Your Weather

Available for Android and iOS provides the tools necessary to make critical decisions while on the move.

Powered by RadarScope

“RadarScope” icon automatically transfers your assets to RadarScope. So whether you're scanning reflectivity for a hook echo in a mesocyclone, trying to pinpoint the landfall of a hurricane’s eye wall, or looking for micro-features like velocity couplets, RadarScope gives you the power to view true radial NEXRAD weather radar related to your locations.

Powered by RadarScope

Daily Planner

Start or end each day with an easy to read 7 Day weather forecast. With high attention to detail, this planner focuses on individual asset locations and indicates threat levels in green, yellow, or red based on your pre-defined triggers.

A closer look

Daily Planner

Event Scheduler

Some clients such as concert tour production managers and traveling sports teams, require the ability to set up multiple asset locations for weather monitoring that will occur on separate dates in the future. Event scheduler is an absolute necessity for these situations as set-up occurs on a single webpage in a streamlined environment.

A closer look

Event Scheduler is the premier organizational tool for ensuring the right crews get the right products for the right location at the right time, every time!

Event Scheduler

Futures Forecast

Participation in volatile commodities markets requires careful consideration of many fundamental components that can affect both supply and demand. Market classes such as Energy are particularly sensitive to weather conditions depending on the specific product. We make long-range weather information easy to understand.

Medium Range

Medium Range Forecast


Subseasonal Forecast

Long Range

Long Range Forecast

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Our meteorologists provide a real-world assessment of hazardous weather development in order to help you plan ahead. It’s all about making your job easier and with Hazardous Weather Outlooks, you’ll know seven days in advance of any weather event on the horizon. We ensure you become a weather superhero!

The Details

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Intelligent Alerting

Accurate and dependable weather alerts for your business can mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, we hold and license 58 patents, many of which explicitly surround the efficiency and effectiveness of our alerting capabilities. To be sure, trusting free sources of actionable weather alerting will not always result in a positive outcome.

Lightning Proximity

Lightning Alerts

Real-time lightning proximity alerts are pushed immediately to your email and mobile app when detection of a strike is within one, two, or three user-defined range rings. You'll receive an all-clear notification when lightning has not been detected within the same radius for at least 30 minutes.

NWS Alerts

NWS Alerts

We deliver blistering fast National Weather Service (NWS) watches, warnings, and advisories to your email and on your phone. Unlike county-based alerts, WeatherOps only notifies when an asset location is within a polygon issued by the NWS. We’ll let you know the time the product issues, when it expires, and include associated text.

Live Weather Support

Live Weather Support

Our forecast team monitors your asset location 24/7. When we determine a threat is possible, we issue WDT WeatherOps alerts. Our alerts are specific to your location and thresholds, in short, going above and beyond those issued by the National Weather Service.

WDT’s patent portfolio includes 58 held and licensed patents covering multiple new weather-centric delivery technologies for the purpose of protecting our clients and our intellectual property. This ongoing development of new patented capabilities continues WDT’s leadership position, strong history of product innovation, and development of cutting edge technologies.

Patent #8,519,860 | #8,788,606 | #8,990,333, | #9,246,610


Our expert team of meteorologists directly support thousands of locations. We monitor and disseminate weather information based uniquely upon your specific need. Forecasts and alerts are provided through our interactive map display, via email, as well as push notifications through our WeatherOps companion mobile app. Our meteorologists have access to the most comprehensive weather data available coupled with the highest resolution weather models in the industry.

Experts Working for You

We take the hype out of major events, keeping you focused and informed. WeatherOps MetWatch enables one-on-one communication from our forecast desk via phone 24/7/365.

With Premium MetWatch, stay focused on your operations and we’ll call you when impact is imminent and keep you up-to-date as a situation evolves!

Custom Alerting


The single largest environmental threat to offshore and coastal assets is tropical weather. Consequently, we’ve developed a series of tools to aid in the decision making process.

Tropical Daily Planner

With attention to detail, our tropical planners outline any storm in any active basin and offer a summary and a forecast track as necessary.

Active Storm Advisory

WeatherOps issues unique advisories at least four times per day containing a full suite of track and intensity information along with a detailed meteorological explanation of the system’s expected evolution and impacts for all tropical cyclones in any active basin.

Early Warning Notification

We consistently watch all basins for tropical cyclone formation, at the same time, we realize other threats are possible too. Early warnings include our tropical weather outlook, high wind and large wave threats, and significant wind shift.

Threat Reports

Receive wind forecast speed and ETA along with expected rainfall and storm surge for one or many assets.

T-Times for Offshore Assets

Receive wind forecast speed and ETA to provide a direct assessment of the potential impacts of a tropical cyclone for one or many assets.

Custom Risk & Response

Uniquely, we integrate your site plan and align trigger thresholds for each phase of your response plan. Our report helps you quickly identify where you need be in your plan of action concerning the severity of a storm. Also, we’ll tell you how much time you have until your next stage is reached.

Tropical Report

Weather Check

Daily Planners are great for organizing the week, even so, occasionally you require a more detailed, shorter-term forecast – a Weather Check!

The Specifics

The Weather Check is issued twice daily and delivered by email and archived in WeatherOps Commander. This location-specific 48 hour outlook is broken down into 2-hour increments. In the same fashion as the Daily Planner, Weather Check uses a simple green, yellow, and red threat matrix based upon your pre-defined triggers.

Interactive Map

We put the “interactive” in interactive weather. That is to say; our map is web-based and cloud-delivered to ensure you’re provided complete weather decision support without fail. The Interactive Weather Map is the foundation of our suite of services, overlaying weather data and decision analytic layers on a global map that offers different base views to meet your needs. In brief, just some of the options within our display include real-time lightning analysis, advanced severe weather tracking, site-specific alerting and tropical storm tracking, among many others. There is simply no better way to supplement your weather plan than with the technology offered within this enterprise level product.

Highest Resolution Radar

We have invested an incredible amount of time into making radar data easy to access and utilize. For a big-picture look we provide smoothed mosaic radar. At the same time, honing in on an area of interest, we’ve integrated Level II High-Resolution RadarScope data which allows complete interrogation of any storm by any level of user.

High Resolution radar


View strikes as they happen and query each strike for information including stroke type, polarity, voltage, and amperage as well as date and time of occurrence. Set range rings to establish alert zones so you know exactly when lightning strikes within. Exclusive to WeatherOps is lightning predictor which shows where lightning is and will exist in the future.



Tracking tropical weather and potential impacts is, without a doubt, essential for coastal and offshore interests. Utilizing WeatherOps Interactive Mapping, you can simultaneously view National Hurricane Center forecast tracks and exclusive WeatherOps tracks drawn by our meteorologists and compare them.


Asset Monitoring

Our Interactive Map system delivers asset threats to you visually and audibly as soon as your sites come under alert. Commander offers many options to monitor weather threats. Also, view warnings within the map for triggers you configured.

Asset Monitoring Contorls

Satellite, Obs, & Storm Reports

Our maps are situation-room ready and visually stunning. Watch large scale events unfold with visible and infrared satellite, view current conditions like temperature and humidity, and see storm spotter reports populate on the map in real-time.

Satellite Observations

Severe Weather

Track all modes of severe weather at the same time by overlaying NOAA National Weather Service Watches and Warnings, Storm Prediction Center Outlooks, WeatherOps Snow and Ice Outlooks, and our exclusive WeatherOps Hazards.

Severe Weather