Customize Weather Checks

The Weather Check. A 48-hr forecast planner for a specified location detailing a company’s weather matrix as well as the daily high/low temperature, probability of precipitation, and wind speed/direction.   Much like the Daily Planner, the Weather Check can be customized to incorporate a specific weather trigger criteria, allowing you to make decisions ahead of schedule and lessening the impact to your production.

Word of advice – if changes are made to the Daily Planner, respective changes to the Weather Check should be made as well for carry over and consistency.

To make changes to your Weather Checks, follow these steps:

Step 1

From the Company Dashboard, click on Weather Check in the Settings menu.

Select the asset within the company asset list or filter the list by searching for the asset name. Click on the asset name to activate the Asset Settings.

Step 2

Customize your weather triggers.  Default triggers are already set to “on” for Marine and Continental assets.  Slide the bars left to lower the thresholds, and right to increase the thresholds.

Step 3

Next, customize your publish times for forecasts to send.  The recommendation is 6am local.  Company Administrators can add additional publication times, change send times, or can remove secondary forecasts.

Step 4

Finally, add or remove the weather triggers included in the Weather Check.  Slide the active bar to the left to turn the trigger off, and to the right to turn the trigger on.

Note: Marine planners have different weather triggers that are not available on continental planners, including 50 and 80m wind direction and swell direction, height, and period. 

Default Settings

  • Heat Index 90-95 degrees F
  • Ice Accumulation (2 hr) – 0.01 – 0.03”
  • Precipitation Acc -(2hr) 0.1 – 0.3″
  • Snow Accumulation -(2 hr) 0.5 – 1”
  • Thunderstorm/Lightning 30-60% Probability
  • Wind Chill – 0-10 F
  • Wind Gust – 30-40 mph
  • Publishes at 6am

Marine Assets:

  • 50 Meter Wind Gusts – 25 – 40 kts
  • 50 Meter Wind Speed 25 – 40 kts
  • Maximum Wave – 8 – 19 ft
  • Significant Wave – 8-19 ft
  • Thunderstorm Lightning – 30-60%
  • Visibility – 1-3 nm
  • Wind Gust 25-40 kts
  • Wind Speed – 25-40 kts
  • Wind Wave 8-19 ft
  • Publishes at 6am