WDT WeatherOps Futures

Commodity Trading Support

Participation in volatile commodities markets requires careful consideration of many dynamic fundamental components that can affect both Supply and Demand.  Market classes such as Energy are especially sensitive to weather conditions, varying through the seasons at multiple time and space scales, depending on the specific product.

WDT can provide for you the most comprehensive information available on the market today. Our meteorologists understand your needs and can convey weather information in a format that will quickly translate to an increasing bottom line.

Meet the WeatherOps Futures Forecast Team

Forecasting for Days 1-15

Leveraging both model and non-model based forecast techniques, externally and internally developed, WDT can provide Days 1 – 15 forecasts comprised of the following:

  • Maps of 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15 day temp anomaly forecasts; issued daily
  • Supporting meteorological discussions
  • Regional objective probability shifts based on proprietary GSDM parameter output
  • Regional subjective probability shifts based on internal forecast reasoning
  • Global Hazards for Weeks 1 and 2
  • Evolving short-term forecast support, starting with proactive temperature volatility alerting for Days 1-4, with quantitative hourly forecasting to Days 5-7

Forecasting for Days 16-30

WDT provides proprietary, state of the science, long-range forecasts, for days 16-30 plus the coming season.
Weather forecasts are made using a variety of global models and internally designed expert systems/methodologies as input (heavily leveraging the a proprietary version of the GSDM framework), with rigorous industry-experienced meteorologist analysis, review and quality checking.  This forecast will consist of the following:

  • Maps of 16-30 day (issued twice per week) and front season (issued once per week) temperature anomaly forecasts
  • Supporting meteorological discussions
  • Canonical Correlation Analysis Model output for front month temp anomaly forecast; issued weekly
  • Evolving quantitative temp forecasts for regions/cities, including HDDs and CDDs

Sales Contact

We are interested in speaking with you about your project. For more information about iMap pricing, integration, and application, please contact:

Mike Gauthier
Senior Vice President, Business Development
405.579.7675 ext. 233 (office)
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