SkyWise Map Tiles API

Map it. Weather layers in your own mapping environment with this infinitely flexible, tiling architecture. Let your map call over 100 different weather layers and return multi-layered tiled data with lightning speed using SkyWise Map Tiles API. We use our SkyWise Map Tiles in our embeddable interactive maps seen on many news and media websites around the country.

Ultimate Flexibility

You decide! Choose the weather layers to fit your needs or even combine SkyWise weather layers with data from your other sources. Layers include:

  • North American Radar
  • Global infrared satellite
  • Tropical
  • All active watch, warning and advisories
  • Active Watches & Warnings
  • Surface Obs
  • Storm Attributes
  • Tiles in TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or MVT format

Simple to Use

SkyWise Map Tiles drop right into any mapkit implementation. Because it's a library, it's easy to add to your apps with no messy source code.

Lightning Fast

Because WDT holds this highly complex, multi-layered tiled data all in memory, SkyWise Map Tiles responds with lightning speed to web-based page queries and returns tiles from CDN cache without having to recreate these tiles each time.

Mobile SDK

Grab an SDK and easily integrate with your Android or iOS applications.

Android iOS